Thursday, July 22, 2010

Importance of Touch in Relationships
Our first impression of other people comes through our sense of sight, sound and smell. Our sense of touch, on the other hand, is something we hunger for and one of the best ways of communicating our feelings to others. Touch provides comfort and reassurance.

From the moment we are born we crave touch. It is the beginning of how we build self-esteem and a way to increase intimacy. In a romantic relationship, we go through stages of touch that play an important part in the increasing intimacy of the relationship.

There is a great deal of research on the importance of touch in healthy relationships. Studies have shown that by simply holding hands or rubbing someone’s back, you can lower stress levels, lessen anxiety and physical other disorders. There are noticeable changes in mood and even health when we’re exposed to simple human kindness in the form of touch.

Touch is an important method of communicating your feelings to your partner. It shows that you care, want to be involved and supportive. Touching someone lightly with your fingertips will communicate a personal language to the person touched. You will enjoy it as much as your partner and be aware of their absence when you’re apart.

Touching Your Date
Touch can be tricky you’re dating. Some people need their personal space, while others love to be touched. Some people love to touch and others don’t. This is when being able to read body language is important. Look for responses to your moves before advancing to the stage.

You may be seen as pushy or fast if you move too quickly to touch a new date. But on the flip side, move too slowly and you could frustrate your date. A touch must come at the right moment and in the right context. Try to be aware of your own desires and behaviors with touch.

Keep in Touch
Couples in crisis often reflect their discontent with less of the touch that is crucial to a relationship. When you’re relationship is hurting, it is important that you make some sort of physical contact every day - spontaneously hold hands or give a full body hug to your partner. Talk to your partner and if you feel there is something lacking in your life, make an effort to change. You may be surprised by the positive outcome.

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